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Book Review: Eat, Gay, Love: A Memoir

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

'Eat, Gay, Love' is written by Calum McSwiggan. On his twitter bio he describes himself as a writer, digital content creator, radio presenter and LGBT+ advocate. And now he can add author to that list!

The book is essentially a travel memoir that explores and celebrates queer life around the world. Calum skillfully writes about his experience travelling the world as a single gay man, and the unique stories of the LGBT+ people he meets along the way.

I have followed Calum on social media for quiet some time now, and when I heard that he was releasing his first book I was eager to read it. I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I finished it in just a few days: reading before work, whilst at lunch and before bed!

The book is split into sections. One for each of his adventures in a new country. So it makes it easy to read and follow.

Like a collection of short stories taking us on a journey across the globe. It is rare to read an honest, warts and all, account of travelling as a single gay man and the experiences and issues that can bring.

Calum and I are very different people, but like most gay men we have had very similar experiences, especially the need to find oneself and feel comfortable in our own skin, as well as our surroundings. This is a very emotive and thoughtful book. It made me smile and equally sad too in some places.

I would highly recommend this to anyone as a great read, be they gay, straight or an ally.

It is available now in either paperback, hardback, digital or audio format.

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